Monday, January 21, 2008

I need a snowblower

Today we woke up to snow. Lots of snow! Copious amounts of snow. Tons, gobs; we were whomped. Sally and I went out about 9:00 and shoveled our driveway and sidewalk. We came in and went back out a couple of hours later only to find it had snowed yet another couple of inches, so we bent our backs over the shovels again.

I need a snowblower, but we have only a carport, and no place to keep a snowblower. The picture above is another kind of snowblower.

When we were finished shoveling Sally got out a yardstick and measured. We had 13" of the white stuff on our park strip, about 12" on the lawn. This isn't all that unusual for us, really. We get one or two storms of this type every year.

We live right off the main road to ski resorts Snowbird and Alta. When it snows like it did this morning the canyons where the resorts are usually have to be closed for a time, both to clear the roads and to shoot down avalanches. Some people have been killed this year in avalanches, more than the usual number. It isn't a way I'd like to die. Skiers tend to be adventurous, thrill-seeking, don't you think? Roaring down a hill on a couple of wooden slats, or on a snowboard, takes a certain type of individual. I'm the type of guy who always hangs on to the handrail when I go down stairs. I'm very, very careful. So others enjoy skiing, even risking avalanches, but not me.

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