Saturday, June 07, 2008

In the still of the night this boy is leaving on that midnight train to Georgia

The Five Satins were one of those vanguard groups of rock music, coming along with a doo-wop classic, "In the Still of the Night." Check out the movements. They'd segue into the Beatles, doing their own ballad, "This Boy." Crammed together, no moving around, but close vocal harmony. Can anyone ever believe how versatile the Beatles were? John Lennon went from this to "A Day In The Life," in just a couple of years.

Finally, the sublime Gladys Knight, and her famous Pips, show what slickness there was in the Motown hit factory. While the Five Satins look a little restrained, the Pips show the stuff that made them famous! Love that woo-woo! The total package. Gladys Knight joined the Mormon church and her bishop once said, "We're the only Mormon ward with 'Midnight Train to Georgia' in our hymnbook."

In The Still of The Night


This Boy 


 Midnight Train To Georgia


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