Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Some things never change

In the early '80s when both music videos and VCRs were new, I used to tape some of the music video programs that played on late night broadcast TV. They featured music I wasn't hearing on my normal radio stations. I remember this song, "Black Stations, White Stations," because--ahem--I liked the girl doing the singing. I liked her slim body and how she moved it when she was dancing.

I went on YouTube to find this video and after a few keystrokes found it not under the group name I remembered, M & M, but under Martha & the Muffins. This is an obscure video for an obscure song by an obscure '80s Canadian techno-pop group. I still like the girl, I still like her slim body, I still like her dancing. Musical styles change, but some things never do.

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Cucumber Jones said...

The Postman just paid a one way ticket to Danseparc to see Martha and the Muffins. All aboard the gravy train...