Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Uncivil discourse

Is civil discourse dead? Of course not. Even in this most heated political season the candidates seem to be trying to hold on to some civility.

George Carlin died, and civil discourse wasn't his schtick. It was more like uncivil ranting. Curmudgeon, cranky George made a living by getting on stage and complaining about things in the most hostile tones possible. He also made us laugh our collective asses off.

I thought about Carlin when I found these three cards. A friend who worked in a print shop gave them to me many years ago. They made me laugh, and nowadays I can hear them being spoken in George Carlin's voice. I wouldn't want to get one of these cards,. It would ruin my day. But there are people I encounter every day I'd love to present with one. George Carlin wouldn't have needed the cards. He'd have gotten on stage, said what they say, and we'd all have busted a gut laughing.

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