Saturday, July 18, 2009

26 going on 16

Lately I've been talking about the cougar phenomenon; local stories of older women who have been charged by police with having sex with underage boys. It seems there's a new story every few weeks. Scroll down to read some of the stories.

The latest story came out the other day in Salt Lake City. Police got a call from a boy, identified as 17-years-old, claiming his girlfriend, who he said was 16, had just been kidnapped by gang members.

The boy told police he had been with his girlfriend. They argued. A car pulled up and four gang members got out, hit the boy with a crowbar, took the girl by force and drove off. By that evening the local television news had more about the story and it sounded quite different.

The girl who was apparently 16 was actually 26. The gang members were members of her own family. She had called them to come get her.

Oh yeah. The 26-year-old is eight months pregnant.

Did the boy really think his girlfriend was 16? Did he not know the gangsters were her relatives? So far the whole story hasn't come out.

Police said they are looking into the matter, but someone will probably go down for assault for hitting the kid with a crowbar, and the woman may get charged with having sex with a minor.

I'd like to know if you have similar stories of older women and underage boys in your area. It isn't just my part of the world, is it? Because if it is I'd like to know what it is in the air or water that makes for this phenomenon.

I was talking with my wife's cousin, Steve. We were both laughing about these situations, how people are worrying about the longterm effects on the boys of being shown the ropes by these predatory broads. Steve said, "If that happened to us we'd be here reminiscing about how great that was! 'Oh yeah, that woman ruined me!' Ha-ha!" As I recall, having a sexy older woman introduce me to the world of sex, sin and debauchery was a favorite fantasy from my adolescent years.

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