Friday, July 03, 2009

Turning off Sunlight

Sky Saxon is gone. He died on the same day as Farrah Fawcett and Michael Jackson, and obviously sank to the bottom of the news pile. He wasn't a major cultural icon, but a rocker who made a splash in the mid-'60s with the garage/psychedelic rock band the Seeds. The ultra-fickle music world passed him by. Sky Sunlight Saxon, as he became known, had a loyal following, and was much appreciated by his fans.

YouTube has videos by Sky and the Seeds. That's him with his great Brian Jones hairdo, singing lead. Here are two of his greatest hits. I guess you could say he was a two-hit wonder, but then, that's two more hits than 99.99% of us have had.


the Traveler said...

Cool! I really like that song - Pushin' Too Hard.

El Postino said...

Thanks, Traveler. Sky Saxon had a non-traditional voice, kind of nasally, which made it perfect for this sort of garage band, pre-punk song. It sounds sort of like the Ramones, don't you think? Groups like Shadows of Knight and the Seeds were very influential, even if they didn't have big catalogs of hits.