Thursday, July 02, 2009

Again with the hubba-hubbas

More pictures of my attempt to bring back the old term, "hubba-hubba," now disappeared, but once a cornerstone of a fresh guy's vocabulary. A masher couldn't mash without it, and I miss it, so I'm handing out the hubba-hubbas to bring it back.

Hubba-hubba to Audrey, of whom there cannot be enough beautiful pictures.

Hubba-hubba to the Bettie Pageboy-hairdo girls who are sex-bait for the racket boys.

Hubba-hubba to those photogenic and leggy lovelies the camera caresses.

Hubba-hubba to the beauties on the beach.

Hubba-hubba to the girl who shows that a beret is more than okay. (Another pic swiped from Starlet Showcase, the great hubba-hubba blog on the web.)

Hubba-hubba to the babe who proves the old saying, "More than a handful is wasted," is just not true.

This Sports Illustrated issue is nearly 30 years old, but a big hubba-hubba to model Christie Brinkley, who still looks great.

Hubba-hubba to artist Margaret Brundage's daughter. Mom used her as a model for her painted covers of Weird Tales. This one is from 1932.

Finally, hubba-hubba to the fightin' femmes! Hope you don't run your nylons, girls.

More hubba-hubbas soon.

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