Sunday, August 16, 2009

"Do I have to explain to you why this is so wrong?"

We've been talking lately here at Insomnia Notebook about female teachers putting their hooks into young boys. But statistically 90% of the relationships between teachers and students are between men and young girls, which is what makes the stories of adult females going after boys of 13 and 14 for sex seem so startling.

The male teacher-female student thing has been going on since the first school bell rang, I'm sure. Here's a story I came across online. It's from an old comic, Love Secrets, from 1953. At one time love comics were the best selling comics of all, and here's one that seems to stray into forbidden territory, that uncomfortable place where teacher meets student for purposes of romance. Maybe that's why they sold well to female readers; it's a hot dream for only a dime!

The girl in the story is 18--legal age--and the young teacher is 24, so setting the story in college would seem to have been more appropriate. But it takes place in high school, not college, and that makes it morally dubious. The whole amoral premise is compounded by the girl, who lies to her principal to cover up, and her lie is rewarded by getting a proposal of marriage from her teacher! A great lesson for the young readers of this comic.

I worked for a school district for three decades and occasionally I heard a story that sounded like this one, but it always involved the teacher being fired for improper behavior. In this story Mr. Dryden got away with something. This time, anyway.

Click on the pictures to see full size all of the emotion and passion of this heart-throbbing tale!

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