Friday, August 21, 2009

How bad is bad?

Click on the above so you can see how bad bad really is.

When you read an article like the one above a certain sense of disbelief sets in. I'm not disputing it happened, but since there's no motive listed for such an awful attack, it makes me wonder what in the world could have caused such atrocious, hateful behavior.

A 66-year-old grandma. Taking a shower. Two grandsons break into the bathroom. Beat her. Urinate on her.

Drugs? Alcohol? They lived with her. What could Granny have done to these cretins to set them off in such a deadly and despicable fashion? Did she not give them money for dope, so they beat her and heaped on a double helping of scorn by peeing on her?

Good God. If there's any justice maybe when these guys die they'll be in hell's bathroom, being beaten and pissed on by imps with tails and horns.

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