Friday, March 26, 2010

Mr Handsome wants to ring those wedding bells!

Curtis Michael Allgier--handsome fella, wouldn't you say?--wants to get married. However, right now he's incarcerated at the Utah State Prison for killing a prison guard in 2007. The guard, Stephen Anderson, 60, had escorted him to the hospital, Allgier got the guard's gun and killed him with it.

Allgier was captured at a local Arby's restaurant. He carjacked a vehicle, led police on a chase, ending at the restaurant. A brave patron wrestled with him and got the gun. Police found Allgier hiding in the office of the store manager.

Allgier and his bride-to-be have been given permission by prison officials to be married on April 20, 2010. That's Hitler's birthday. So a guy with tattoos all over his face and body, including swastikas, a picture of Hitler on his chest, and the words SKIN HEAD tattooed on his forehead, has been given official permission to be married on the White Supremacist national holiday.

The news came out in Paul Rolly's column in the March 26, 2010 edition of The Salt Lake Tribune. I don't believe prison officials realized the significance of that day to someone like Allgier. Let's hope they take note, realize their mistake, and rescind permission. No way should a cretin like Allgier be allowed to have his way on such a day.

My second thought on the matter is, who's the woman dumb enough to marry this guy? The only thing she's got going for her is she never has to worry about him coming home to her. She'll always know just where he is.

By some coincidence, this is the second news story this week involving a local man with facial tattoos.

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