Wednesday, January 12, 2011

From the files

The other day I showed you some post cards I had in my desk drawer and told you that my house is a paper museum. It's not only my house. My computer files are stuffed with images that over the years have caught my eye. It's a sort of digital ephemera. Some I've just picked up on the Internet, and some I've scanned myself, like the first two pages:

From the December 2010 issue of Bazaar, pictures of Barbra Streisand in her sumptuous home. Any home with a John Singer Sargent painting over the stairs is sumptuous. For being 69-years-old Streisand looks pretty good, especially in those hot $995 shoes. I added up what the cost is of the clothes she's wearing in this photo, and it comes to $4485.

On the second page, Streisand in her sitting room, sitting.

From the famous to the unknown...I found this picture posted on the photo-hosting site, Photobucket, and her costume got my attention. The file name is Copia de Copia de Imagen.

Back to stars. This innocently subversive picture of Jeanette MacDonald from 1938 shows that when you eat something sexy, make sure someone is watching.

Here's some real Hollywood glam with Anne Hathaway.

From glam to anti-glam, also from W. This model looks shockingly bad. The whole layout was like this, as if the pictures were taken in the aftermath of a model's long drunken night.

French actress Charlotte Gainsbourgh stars in the Balenciaga ads. I first saw her in the 2005 film Lemming, which I reviewed in April, 2008 here.

"Hey, honey, since you're up would you get me a Coke? Thanks, babe! Don't freeze your thingies while the fridge door is open!"

Lili St. Cyr is immortalized in a song from The Rocky Horror Picture Show, in "Don't Dream It, Be It": "God bless Lili St. Cyr..." Striptease artiste Lili was the Victoria's Secret of her day, specializing in sexy lingerie.

Reform School Girl was a notorious paperback book from 1948 that became a notorious comic book with the same cover. I'm not able to find a reference to who the model is, but I recall once reading she was an ice skating star from the late '40s.

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