Monday, July 18, 2011

Happy birthday, Dion, Martha and Ricky!

Dion DiMucci is 72 today; Martha Reeves is 70, and Ricky Skaggs is 57.

Happy birthday to you all!


DEMiller said...

Heat Wave is a real classic. Martha Reeves could have gone on to record many more classics, but I think she had a drug problem and who knows what other problems. There are more tragedies in the music biz then success stories.

El Postino said...

I think "Heat Wave" may have been the first Motown song I thought was really great. I loved that saxophone and the excitement in Martha Reeve's voice.

It's too bad the business of entertainment takes so many people down. It's gotten so nowadays you hear about a celebrity with a drug problem and you shrug your shoulders, "so what?" It's a cruel business.