Friday, July 22, 2011

She got legs, she knows how to use them...

It’s pandering time again. In order to boost the statistics for visits made to my blog I need to give you some sexy content that will keep you horndogs clicking in and looking.

I’m shameless, I know. But you are too, or you wouldn't be here.

I torture myself by looking at pictures of beautiful women in order to bring you these selections. You’ll notice quite a few Asian women, who aren’t normally known for having long legs. But these girls do...and such lovely long legs they are.

I'm throwing in a couple of other pictures of interest: an original painting by Enoch Bolles, a Bill Ward cutie, and even the ZZ Top song, "Legs." I've spared no expense to bring you all this great stuff in appreciation of you padding my visitors stats!



DEMiller said...

The vote is in, Asian women have the best legs.

El Postino said...

I agree!