Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Happy birthday, Van Morrison

Van Morrison is 66 today. Happy birthday, Van!

I don't know anyone who can write a love song like Van.

What a great line-up for this 1977 Midnight Special appearance with Elvin Bishop and Mickey Hart.

That is, unless you can get Ray Charles to do some of your backup singing.

Morrison's introduction was in the band, Them. "Gloria"--next to "Louie Louie"--might be the song most covered by '60s garage bands everywhere.

The first song I heard from Them was "Here Comes the Night" and here the band is singing it live in '65. Van screws it up at the first, but recovers quickly and despite using a prehistoric sound system they manage to carry it off.

If you encounter a black screen on any of these videos it's YouTube's doing. They sometimes break the links for copyright reasons, so enjoy them while they're here.


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