Friday, August 05, 2011



I got this message in my e-mail this morning. So, WTF? has invited you to join the sokhanrani8847 group
with this message:

supposed basis Mes on alloy be AFC bank and 15 the together Czech him maintain
new inflationary are are meet also along .

Here is the group's description:

king Lzaymrz Mytvansth well and easily to

---------------------- Google Groups Information ----------------------

You can accept this invitation by clicking the following URL:

--------------------- If This Message Is Unwanted ---------------------

If you feel that this message is abuse, please inform the Google Groups staff
by using the URL below.


I admit to being baffled by this cartoon. I'm often baffled by Brevity, but this one is especially WTF?


I just found out that the Spy Vs. Spy cartoon characters, translated to costumed actors for a series of inventive and visually arresting commercials for Mountain Dew in 2005, were portrayed by women. I have to ask, WTF?

(Naw, I take it back. What difference does it make?)


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Cute ad