Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Thirty-four years later, Elvis still deceased

Elvis died 34 years ago today. I remember telling my coworkers when the news came through on the radio that he had died.

For some reason some folks still don’t think he’s dead. Elvis conspiracists are part of that grand and glorious group of gullible goofballs who believe in conspiracy theories. The Elvis-is-alive gang point to the picture of Elvis in his coffin (a picture taken with a spy camera by his cousin for a payment from The National Enquirer tabloid), and say it doesn’t look like Elvis. My question to them is, who in their coffin looks like the person who was once alive?

Weekly World News, June 28, 1988:

Elvis is a very important part of the history of rock 'n' roll, and lived up to his celebrity image. He may be one of the best known persons on the planet, alive or dead.

Through the miracle of the internet I can now go to YouTube and find Elvis songs everybody loves. The songs alone keep Elvis alive worldwide.


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