Saturday, October 22, 2011

Babes with bodacious bubble butts

"Callipygian" is a wonderful word. It means a shapely bottom, rounded buttocks. I looked on the Internet to find examples of callipygian, and found many great callipygians. Callipygian is a fancy word for what we sometimes call bubble butts. One could be at a society party and say to someone, "Our hostess, Mrs. Van Gilt, is certainly callipygian." That party nods and says, "Yes, errr...of course," in that way people have of faking knowledge of an unfamiliar word. It's much more classy to say callipygian than to say, "That Van Gilt broad has quite a bubble butt."

The word "callipygian" comes from Greek: kallipugos: kalli- beautiful (from kallos, beauty) + puge, buttocks.

Etymology aside, it's more fun to look at pictures of women who fit the definition of callipygian.

Leopard Girl reminds me, ladies, do you have your Halloween costume yet?

Putting their backsides forward!

This young woman appears to be counter-balanced; top and bottom even each other out...

...which also goes for La Renna Lee, the Girdled (and callipygian) Goddess.

Fellow blogger Nursemyra called this weightlifting girl's butt "pert." Myra has a gift for description. Check out her sexy, funny and fascinating blog, "Gimcrack Hospital."

I love girls who hang out in the rumpus room.

High calorie calli-choco-pygian!

Not chocolate, but still tasty:

In this 1949 photo shoot Marilyn Monroe has a nice booty.

Ten years later, as seen in her famous entrance in Some Like It Hot, she shows she has grown into callipygian status. (Dorothy Parker once said of Monroe, while watching her walk in the studio lot, "That girl has a great future behind her.")

And while we're thinking of Marilyn, retro butts are very fine:

Perhaps at some time this girl will also tattoo her tuchus:

Wow! Four chicks, eight cheeks:

I love girls with butts big enough for two girls:

Gianna Michaels is a perfect callipygian...among other things.

The callipygian queen, though, has to be Jennifer Lopez, shown in this photo from Vanity Fair magazine. My wife said, "You could sit a beer can on that." I say J-Lo is too classy for that. A champagne glass, maybe.


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