Friday, October 28, 2011

Jack Davis and a Ha-Ha Halloween

Here are some Halloween laughs from one of the world's best cartoonists. Jack Davis is an artist with an unmistakable style. He made his reputation in Mad comic books of the 1950s, but went into advertising art, famous for movie posters and record album covers, among other things, like these bubble gum trading cards.

These funny monster cards came out in 1959, published by Topps Chewing Gum, under the name Bubbles, Inc. Topps also did the infamous Mars Attacks gum cards in 1962.


Kirk said...

Jack Davis is great. Not long ago, on a different blog, I saw some examples of Davis non-humorous horror work for EC comics in the early 1950s. It really wasn't all that different from these cards.

El Postino said...

I read a comment once that Davis could make you laugh or scare you to death (or words to that effect), without much changing his style. He had a lot of talent. These cards are really fun to look at.

Karswell said...

Amazing card set, many here I've never seen before!