Sunday, October 30, 2011

Halloween horror comics

Horror comics were really popular in the 1950s. But the frightening images caused controversy with parents' groups and censorship ensued. The whole horror comics boom in American comics lasted just a short time, four or five years.

The book, Four Color Fear, Forgotten Horror Comics Of the 1950s, has a couple dozen great examples.

I found a few online to illustrate this posting. These stories are not from the book.

There's something very Halloweenish about these stories: ghosts swirling up out of their graves in search of vengeance, evil spirits awaiting a murderer to transport him to Hell, or a woman who becomes a witch to seek revenge on the man who jilted her.

We begin with a one-page story on Halloween superstitions...

A great place to find horror comics is The Horrors Of It All blog. At THOIA, as it's known, it's Halloween all year long.

"Halloween," Witches Tales #18;

"The Dark Passage," Adventures Into Terror #10;

"The Dead Don't Sleep," Adventures Into Terror #30;

"Death By Witchcraft," Witches Tales #4.


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