Wednesday, January 25, 2012

More mugs

I read recently that Internet pornography is addictive. Well, duh.

My addiction is mugshots. Since I found the mugshot of my former coworker, shown here, my "porn" is the local mugshots web site. I look each morning to see if anyone else I know has been busted. So far, no. But when it comes to interesting characters this site is arresting, and puts the cuffs on me. I go along quietly.

I thought the two pictures of Jessica sent a message, so I pasted them together. Before and after pictures of drug users can be scary and effective. In her January, 2011 bust Jessica was arrested for possession of a controlled substance; in the July arrest she was charged with prostitution and possession of heroin. It's an old, old story. No sarcasm here...I hope she's getting the help she needs.

I saw several people who were arrested and charged more than once in 2011. This man, for instance. He's either defiant or stupefied in the first picture, and putting my own interpretation of his look in the second, it's a kind of, "Oh shit. Here we go again" expression .


This nice-looking young man is an example of escalating antisocial behavior. In his June arrest he was charged with assault, in August he had graduated to murder.

You wouldn't think someone with an angel face like this would show up on a mugshot. She was charged with aggravated assault (defined as use of a weapon which may cause serious bodily injury or death) and domestic violence in front of a child.

It's no surprise that men arrested outnumber women by at least two or three to one, but driving drunk or impaired isn't restricted to males.

I always wonder about a person who wears his crime on his shirt. Weedman is charged with failure to comply with a police officer.

This man, who is mugging for his mug shot, was arrested for murder and obstructing justice. He killed a 20-year-old road construction worker he hit on the freeway, then drove home, where he was arrested the next day.

Facial hair is in, in all different styles. I like the retro-Buffalo Bill and Wyatt Earp look for these two.

I hardly know how to define these looks. The top guy's hair looks like a helmet, and the offender below him looks like lavender Jesus.

More lavender. This oldster was arrested for robbery. All you need is love, brother!

The gaping holes in this young man's ears are hideous. I will never understand self-mutilation like this, which seems almost criminal. It's not a crime, but forgery and possession of drug paraphernalia are. The ear holes could give other prisoners a finger-hold when administering a beatdown.

Finally, these styles are unique, but appear silly on what are otherwise two very tough-looking thugs.

All booking photos are part of the public record. I have deliberately left off names for the sake of privacy--mine. I don't want any of these people looking for me.



Myke Quintana said...

I love it...finally a person that admits they kick a person while they're down and pass judgements beyond what the charges say...Bravo..You've been a great help...You've shown me that there are predators...Takes a screen shot to show others that you censor those that express the opinions you direct at others upon you...

hushcaspi said...

I look at the up to date wanted shots time to time, not to tip them out but just so I can be careful when making friends. Interesting blog and it nice to see your not mean about the pics. I'd however be careful they may still remain dangerous.