Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Three by three

Sally and I went antiquing last Friday. She found some great old children's valentines, and then we went through a couple of boxes of old snapshots.

I find other people's photos to be like tiny time machines, taking us into the past. They seal that exact time, person and place on a piece of paper. Pretty neat. In another way it's sad. So many pictures of children, and you wonder how they got away from their rightful owners. While I'm looking at a picture of a baby without a name, that baby was very important to someone else. The people to whom these pictures meant something are gone. Their earthly goods made it to an estate sale, and then into the hands of strangers.

For some reason, and she probably didn't realize it, Sally picked out pictures of threes. Three little girls (date on the back says 1923), three women in beautiful hats (no date, but probably sometime in the late teens or early '20s), and a toddler, with a mother and new baby (dated 1916).

Are these girls sisters?

These three are related; they have the same nose.

Is this child a boy, dressed Buster Brown fashion?


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