Tuesday, January 17, 2012


Since I regularly look at a web site for local mugshots, it was inevitable that sooner or later I'd find a picture of someone I know.

Lou was a coworker of mine for many years. My wife and I were both surprised to see him arrested for aggravated assault. He was a very nice guy, as far we were concerned. The last time I saw him was in June at a retirement function for a mutual acquaintance. It's hard to miss Lou, because his appearance is unusual. The picture cuts off his braided mustaches which he has been growing for years.

Aggravated assault is defined as using a weapon that can cause death or serious bodily harm. I wonder what he did? Too bad they don't give more detailed explanations, if only to satisfy curiosity.

I sometimes download mug shots if they provoke some sort of response in me.

If not for drugs and alcohol the cops' jobs would be cut by three-fourths. An awful lot of people end up being booked into jail on charges of DUI, public intoxication, or having drugs in their possession. The following four gents were all booked for drugs. In these cases, methamphetamines.

This guy looks like he's watching something horrible climb up the wall. Hallucinations are another good reason to stay away from dope.

There are always those that when caught try to resist arrest by fighting. As these booking photos show, they usually get the worst of it.

Fighting is undoubtedly how young man's hair got this way. I can't imagine anyone wearing their hair like this on purpose, but that's just me.

Women are usually booked for drugs, prostitution (to buy drugs) or for shoplifting (ditto). These two are in for shoplifting, and their faces give me pause. I'd think if I were committing retail theft I'd want to fly under the store radar, not make myself noticeable. Wouldn't you notice either of these women if they walked by you in the grocery store? Wouldn't they tend to be noticed stuffing items into their pants? And it goes without saying that a tattoo on the face makes for easy identification.

Occasionally mugshots remind me of other things. For this guy I'm thinking Rasputin.

I've found pictures for these guys as visual aids of what they bring to mind.

This guy was arrested for trespass. No wonder Santa never made it to my house. He was in jail.


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