Monday, February 27, 2012

Mitt Romney's sense of entitlement

Mitt can't just wave off all those dumb things he says.
If people think there's something wrong with being successful in America, then they'd better vote for the other guy," said Romney, who headed the private equity and venture capital firm Bain Capital before entering politics. "Because I've been extraordinarily successful. And I want to use that success and that know-how to help the American people. --L.A. Times, article written by Maeve Reston.
Mitt Romney made the remark after being called for his statement that [his wife] “Ann drives a couple of Cadillacs."

One wonders how Mitt Romney can continue to speak with one foot in his mouth while simultaneously shooting himself in the other. He often commits gaffes like this. That's because, despite his protestations of "being for the middle class," he really has no idea how the middle class lives. Yes, it is true that most American families have more than one car, and some even have more than one Cadillac. But he continues to remind us that he is rich beyond most American dreams of wealth, and like those pressed jeans of his he wears his wealth everywhere he goes. In his response to the criticisms of his two Cadillacs remark he said, "We have one [Cadillac at our house] in California and one in Massachusetts." That statement, supposed to mollify those who took offense to his original remark, is another jab in the eye. Just how many of the middle class have houses on both coasts?

It doesn't matter that Cadillac as a luxury car was passed up decades ago by other manufacturers. It still has brand recognition and public perception of being a rich person's car.

Romney was born to wealth. He's never known any other life. So trying to convince us he understands what the great middle class of America wants or needs is just another transparent ploy to get our votes. Even more than his verbal faux pas' he tells whoppers. He says he will represent the working middle class, but his real constituency is the Billionaire Boys' Club.

Forget that Romney is a Mormon. Forget that he was a Republican governor of a liberal state, or that he ran the 2002 Winter Olympics. Boil Romney down to his essentials. He's a second generation multi-millionaire who has been born with a sense of entitlement. He seems baffled that everyone doesn't see that he was born to be President.


I found this photo on the Internet. It's from 1921. Things really haven't changed much in 90 years, have they?

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