Saturday, November 24, 2012

A criminal with various talents

I spent some time last night on the local online mugshots website. It’s one of the ways I entertain myself. It was Thanksgiving a couple of days ago, and I'm always thankful I’m on the outside looking in, rather on the inside looking out.

Something I notice is that certain faces pop up again and again on the site. A person will usually be arrested for the same charge: drugs or public intoxication, for instance. There are a few people whose police ID photos I see more than I see my relatives or friends. It's rare to find someone who gets arrested multiple times under a different charge, but this man, 32-year-old Jason W., has been arrested five times in the past 13 months, on a different charge each time.

October 21, 2011, arson:

April 4, 2012, criminal trespass (It must’ve been windy that day):

July 7, 2012, disturbing the peace:

August 7, 2012, drug paraphernalia:

November 21, 2012, gross lewdness:

Jason W. is a busy guy and keeps the cops busy, too. I wonder if he wakes up in the morning and thinks, “What crime can I commit today that's different than anything I've done before?” I give credit to Jason for breaking the monotony, providing his rap sheet with a variety of criminal charges.

With what will Jason be charged next? I’ll be checking back from time to time to see.

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