Friday, November 16, 2012

Life of Lincoln

I’m looking forward to seeing Steven Spielberg's Lincoln.

Life magazine had some interesting articles on Lincoln in 1955. I’m not only fascinated by the collection of his portraits in their chronological order, but also in the story of a collector who hunted through local records to find legal documents pertaining to Lincoln before he was president. (He was a very successful lawyer and a good earner, according to the record.)

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This, from an undated Ripley’s Believe It Or Not panel, makes a financial claim for the cost of Lincoln’s nomination for president.

Based on an Internet source, an 1860 dollar is worth $27.78 in 2012 dollars. That would make the nomination costs about $19,446 today (give or take). That's about what today’s billionaires put in the loose change jar when they take off their pants at night. After the obscene amounts of money spent in this past election cycle it makes one wonder what is the absolute top that could be spent on a future nomination for president?

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