Tuesday, November 27, 2012

A peek at part of Postino’s collection

Today I took a picture of a couple of the bookshelves in my studio. Charles Schulz's birthday yesterday made me want to share my shrine to his greatness, which takes up the top two shelves. The rest of my Schulz collection is on shelves in the basement.

When I said yesterday I wasn't interested in licensed Peanuts products, toys, clothing, etc., I wasn't telling the whole truth. I like some, but it would be impossible to buy everything and I wouldn't have room. The Charlie Brown large Hungerford rubber doll is one of the capstones of the collection, from the 1958 set of the Peanuts dolls. (See yesterday's posting and the TV Guide article photo of Schulz and the dolls.) The other little rubber figures including Charlie Brown, Lucy, Snoopy and Sally are squeak toys for dogs, which are more recent, but are actually very nice little figures. It probably goes without saying that I keep them away from dogs.

Of course, then there are the Peanuts books, a series of the mass market paperbacks, the early Rinehart books, etc.

Click on the picture for its full bigness.

On the top shelf you can see some of my Beatles memorabilia; even Sally's Twiggy doll is wearing a 1964 Beatles medallion. Then, of course, the Yellow Submarine lunchbox, which my brother gave me thirty years ago. Down below, and peeking out from behind a portrait of me taken when I was two, is a 1967 Superman lunchbox, which came from my nephew. I believe he thinks that someday I'm going to (snicker, guffaw) give it back to him.

Don't look at the bottom shelf of the large bookcase, which is a shelf for things I haven't yet figured out where to place.

I keep some of my other books upstairs on the shelves so I can reference them without having to visit my (shudder) dark basement. My tastes are wide-ranging and I have varying interests, which you can probably tell if you can read the titles.

I have no idea whether anyone will be interested in this photo, and within a few weeks or a month I might change they shelves around, but just in case someone is curious this is a small part what I live with. And I haven't even shown you the other side of the room!


DEMiller said...

So cool to see your collection. Schulz was my mentor and seeing your collection of books and figures is heart warming. Thanks for showing this. I hope to see it all in person someday.

Postino said...

Thanks for the comment, Dave. A modest $10.00 admission fee will include a light lunch and beverage.