Saturday, December 01, 2012

The mox nix box

When I was in the U.S. Army in Germany we were allowed what was called a “mox nix box.” It was about the size of a shoebox and sat on the top shelf of our locker. It held things that would otherwise be disallowed. Mine had paperback books, some comics, and maybe a Playboy magazine. Occasionally it would get too full and I’d reluctantly dump it out so I could put new stuff in. I’m reminded of the mox nix box when I look at pictures and things I’ve collected over the past month to use in my blog, but just aren't enough to inspire a post. So I’ve just decided every once in a while to have a mox nix blog, with things that fit into the space, no matter the context.

First up in our online mox nix box, sex! That’s always a good way to start out.

Whips! Heels! Big hair! A mask! Kinky!

Speaking of kinky, I found this photo from an off-Broadway play in 1968, in an issue of Time magazine. That's Charlotte Rae in the chair, for those of you who remember that wonderful comic actress. (Rae, born in 1926, is now 86, and has survived some health scares. From Wikipedia: “In 1982, Rae had a pacemaker implanted in her heart. In 2009, due to the frequency of pancreatic cancer in her own family, Rae was screened and diagnosed early. Her mother, an uncle, and her elder sister Beverly all reportedly died of the disease. Rae is cancer-free and in remission as of 2012.”)

I also found a photo of Bettie Page I had not seen. There is something phallic about that hose nozzle in her hands, sitting on that ball. Or is it just me?

My question about this picture, is there a school that teaches body painting? I’d like to sign up for a course.

Sexy pix from Vanity Fair magazine, which ran a story on model Kate Moss. Kate has never been worried about over exposure.

From Life magazine, 1954, this Hanes ad is softcore porn. A woman on her back, legs in the can't see anything, but boy howdy, you can imagine!

There were always girls willing to show off to land in show biz. Carol Ohmart had this semi-racy picture in Life in 1955.

Carol is a homey. She was born in Salt Lake City, and was Miss Utah in 1946. She was on very early television doing commercials in 1949-52, then went to Hollywood, where she was touted as a “new Marilyn Monroe” (and how many actresses have had that claim attached to them?) She was in House On Haunted Hill with Vincent Price, playing his murderous wife.

And finally, some pin-ups that great-great-great grandad used to hide in his own mox nix box.


DEMiller said...

I get the "Nix Box" part, but what was "Mox"? Fun stuff. Girls are always girls, as boys are always boys.

Postino said...

Dave, it was a bastardization from German, "macht nicht" which doesn't translate out to exactly what we Americans meant. We meant it as just a box for personal odds and ends.

We also used it as an expression. If you meant something didn't matter you'd say, "It's mox nix to me."

I kept German marks coins in the bottom of my mox nix box. One mark would buy a slice of pizza at the joint just off-post, and occasionally I'd treat my buddies. (Generous the time a German mark equalled 25¢ American.)