Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Life of Crime: Agatha Christie

Life tells the Agatha Christie story in this 1956 article on the “Queen of Crime.” Looking back 36 years since her death January 12, 1976 at age 85, we see she is still a bestselling author decades after her last book was written. According to Wikipedia four billion of her books have been sold. A claim is made that she has been translated into more languages than any other author, and her books sell better than anything but the Bible and Shakespeare. Not bad for a little lady described as shy and “portly” in the article. (And if she saw herself described as portly it may be a good reason she was shy about interviews.)

I am  taken by the image given in Life of Christie plotting her books while in the bath eating apples, lining up apple cores along the edge of the tub. Whatever works for a writer!

The article’s header is a beautiful drawing by Ronald Searle.

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