Thursday, September 20, 2007

If there's a god, he made this...

I appropriated (i.e., stole) this picture from someone else's blog. I snagged the picture, but forgot to snag the blog. Oh well. The lady with the blog said it's spring in South Africa where she is, and her young friend Cassie (picture) is enjoying the beach.

And I'm sure the boys on the beach are enjoying Cassie.

The blog writer said it's unfair to see this picture, because the writer is battling cellulite. That's what you get from writing. A fat ass.

As we in the Northern Hemisphere head into autumn, then winter, I shall keep this picture of Cassie handy. If only to keep my blood moving, not getting chunks of ice in it from our cold Utah winters.

Does this picture remind you of the 1964 song, "The Girl From Ipanema"?

Oh yeah, and for you people who read my last blog, Cassie wouldn't even be considered for spare wife status in my harem. I don't need anyone so distracting.

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