Monday, September 03, 2007

She'll love you for it

Amour. Le sex hot. "She'll love you for it." The promise of forbidden thrills. Only $9.98. Where do I send my money?
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These ads were in a 1951 detective magazine, aimed at the parents of us baby boomers, now in our sixties. It shows that not only were they making us kids, they were enjoying some sexy bedroom thrills to go along with the baby-making. The lure of the French lingerie ("French" being synonymous with sex), that body-hugging nylon, that shimmering black rayon... Hot damn. Sounds good to me!

I like the offer to "send no money." You could get your jollies and send the negligee back, hopefully unstained, or maybe they just cleaned it up and sent it to the next horny guy. And speaking of that, how many guys ordered this nightie for themselves? In those days people didn't talk about stuff like that.

"…alluring peek-a-book black lace reveals all her charms…clinging sheer black rayon caresses her every curve, and that oo-la-la shoulder strap holds everything!" That copywriter should have been writing dirty books. My glasses are steaming up even as I read it.Ciao for now.

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