Friday, May 01, 2009

Found money

Has this ever happened to you? This morning I went into my closet to find a pair of slacks. Sally and I are attending a funeral on Monday and I want to make sure my pants fit. In the past couple of months I've had surgery, lost some weight, gained some weight back, and wanted to see if I needed to buy new pants. When I put them on they fit just like they did the last time I wore them, which I figure was probably at my mother's funeral a year ago. I felt something in the pocket and pulled out a wad of cash, $33.00.

When I wear slacks I don't use a wallet because it makes an unsightly bulge, so I take out money, my Visa card and my driver's license and put them in my front pocket. I remembered the driver's license and credit card but apparently not the cash.

If there is a greater feeling than finding money you didn't know you had I don't know of it.

It reminded me of an old joke, one Orson Bean told to Johnny Carson on The Tonight Show in the mid-'70s.

A man is going through some old clothes to donate to Goodwill. He turns out the pockets and finds a claim ticket for a pair of shoes at a shoe repair shop. He'd completely forgotten he'd taken them in. The ticket is 25 years old but the man thinks what the hell, I'll go into the shop and see if they still have the shoes.

When he provides the elderly cobbler the ticket the old man explodes, "What! This is 25 years old! Are you crazy? You think I would have your shoes after all this time?" He goes into the back of the store grumbling and complaining, then hollers to the customer from the back. "Are your shoes black wingtips? Need heels and a half-sole?" The man thinks, remembers, and then replies, "Yes, those are the ones."

"I'll have 'em for you Tuesday!"


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