Thursday, June 18, 2009

Awkward family pictures

I realized looking at these incredible pictures that my family has never had an official portrait taken. That's because we know we'd end up looking like these people.

You can find more at

You know Bob?

Bob who?

Bob up and kiss my ass! (Really old joke.)

Mom, this is what Sis and me think of you letting Dad wear those shorts.

This is the branch of the family tree we don't claim.

Your new neighbors, the Mullets.

Space is not the only place this family is lost.

Dad went to the Playboy Club and all we got were these lousy bunny ears.

Robin Hood and his Merrie Women.

There's Daddy...Mummy...little Cleopatra, and the Tut Tut twins.

You'll find out, kid. Your dad's an ass.

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