Saturday, June 06, 2009

My new kittytail

Poor Whitepaws. He gets snarls and tangles in his fur and he can't stand them.

Whitepaws is a feral cat we've taken responsibility for. Whitepaw's mama, appropriately called Mamacat, and another cat we suspect may be a brother, Ramses, show up twice a day for meals and we dutifully feed them. We provide a little house for them under our deck, where they can sleep on cold winter nights. It's during winter that Whitepaws gets knots in his fur. This time of year he starts to go after them, pulling and tugging until he's pulled the fur away from his body.

This morning a big section of his coat was hanging off, so Sally took scissors and cut it off. That's not a wound on his side, it's just cat skin under the fur.

Here's the chunk of fur that she cut off.

Here I am wearing the fur.

Not bad, eh? I could tint my hair to match it and be one of those older guys who insist on wearing ponytails. I guess there's nothing wrong with that...if you don't have to go to all the trouble to grow it, that is.

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