Wednesday, November 25, 2009


I started noticing the retro-'60s look a couple of years ago. Since I notice fashion trends just about the time they're going out, I supposed this look would be quickly gone but a look at an ad with Penélope Cruz shows that it's still here.

Penélope, like Amy Winebottle here, is going for a look that was popular twenty years before they were born.

Winehouse's hair reminds me of the urban legends of beehive hairdos hiding spiders. I don't want to get too close lest one of them jump on me.

Cruz just doesn't look right in a blonde wig. It's too Marilyn Monroe, and Penélope is beautiful enough with her Mediterranean looks.

Jane Fonda to me epitomizes a tousled, sexy '60s, more than the early '60s tough girl look on Winehouse. And unlike the retro look, Fonda's is contemporary, from the '68 movie, Barbarella.

Occasionally my wife Sally and I see a woman who has kept the same hairstyle since the '60s, a woman who goes to the salon every week for a shampoo and set. Sally calls them boofheads, for bouffant. For some this style never went away. It will probably have to die with the wearer.

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