Monday, November 30, 2009

The gay junkie

Monday meanderings...

The English language is fascinating because it is constantly changing. Words that meant one thing in one era can evolve to mean something else.

"Junkie" and "gay" now have meanings they didn't have in 1939, when the September 2 issue of Liberty magazine was published. Reading through this entertaining 70-year-old letter column I find one letter in which "junkie" was what we might now call a junker, an old car, rather than a person addicted to heroin.

"Gay" didn't mean homosexual in 1939. The Webster's Dictionary from 1940 defines the word as joyous and lively; merry; happy; lighthearted. Reading this letter about "gay parties" in the current sense of the word gay gives an entirely different meaning to what the letter writer originally intended.


I liked Bruce Springsteen's performance on the HBO Rock and Roll Hall of Fame 25th Anniversary Special Sunday, November 29. Besides collaborating with people as different in style as Billy Joel, John Fogarty and Darlene Love, he did two songs I like from Born To Run, the title song and "Jungleland." I haven't been a Bruce Springsteen fan, but I'm a fan of an artist who gives everything he has to an audience. Springsteen left it all on stage.

There aren't any videos from that set available yet, but this is a performance from Madison Square Garden in 2000 that shows the level of devotion Springsteen gives to the material and to his audience.


This Target commercial with Maria Bamford is calculated. Advertisers don't spend millions of dollars on a campaign without knowing what they're doing. She's so excited and whoops! premature ejaculation. That's not even subliminal porn...that's overt.

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