Monday, November 09, 2009

Join me for lunch at the Café Bella

My wife, Sally, just got back home. She's spent the past 10 days in Pennsylvania with our son and his family. His older daughter, Bella, will be five in December, and just had her first school picture taken.

Like all kids, Bella and her younger sister, Gabby, like to play at make believe. So Bella was a waitress in a cafe, and Sally and Gabby were customers.

Bella, standing with her pad and pencil, said, "What would you like?"

Sally: "What do you have?"

"We have chicken nuggets, rainbow ice cream and chocolate waffles."

"Chocolate waffles sound good. I'd like some of those."

Waitress Bella responded, "Well, some other customers might want them, so you can't have them."

Bella put the coffee pot and cup on the table. Sally asked her, "Would you pour me some coffee?"

Bella's answer to that was, "I'm busy. That's why I brought you the coffee pot and cup, so you can pour it yourself!"

Bella, I'm sure you'll make an outstanding waitress some day, but you'll get more tips if you pour the coffee.

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