Friday, October 29, 2010

Hubba-hubba part 5

Some time ago in this blog I complained that the expression, "hubba-hubba," appears to have disappeared from the lexicon of males referring to females. It might not be cool because of sexual harassment, but I do a silent "hubba-hubba" whenever a foxy babe crosses my path. What she can't hear won't hurt me.

So here are some women I think deserve a "hubba-hubba", silent or otherwise, to show that I approve mightily of their pulchritude.

Here's a big hubba-hubba to girls with huge...eyes.

Hey, a Sarah Palin lookalike. Now this is a Sarah Palin I could get behind. Or in front of. Hubba-hubba.

Hubba-hubba to a rein-dear who makes me jingle my bells for Christmas.

"Hubba-hubba to Norma Jeane, partly dressed for Halloween."

Hubba-hubba to this old-time corset cutie. (Visit the fun, sexy and informative Gimcrack Hospital blog, and check in with Nurse Myra who looks terrific in a corset.)

Hubba-hubba to the sultry 1960s pin-up girl in her lingerie and big hair. (But shouldn't that headline be "Naughty Nora's Nylons" and not "Nora's Naughty Nylons"?)

Finally, Mick's daughter, Georgia May, a hubba-hubba honkytonk woman!

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DEMiller said...

Thanks for the mamories. Looks like Mick created more than a hot piece of music. Georgia May tumble my dice any time.

El Postino said...

How many kids do you think Mick has fathered, besides the ones he claims, that is? Dozens, hundreds? Thousands? He's been a rock star for over 40 years. I'm sure if there is a new species of people with thick lips and swivel hips you'll know that Mick had really gotten around in his time.

Anonymous said...

thanks for the inclusion