Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Mitt Romney steps on his dick with both feet

A recent article in The New Yorker told us that Mitt Romney is an excellent businessman, but he's also a square.

Mitt Romney is a multi-millionaire who has no common touch. Good businessman? Sure, but I'll bet he never hobnobbed with any of his employees, or anyone below his own level in the organization. He does not know anything about "regular folks," only his rich cronies. His success has earned him a pass with his peers, who are probably used to him, and ignore his tortured speech.

I truly do not think Mitt Romney knows what he says until he says it. Then someone has to tell him he's done it again, committed a faux pas.

We're all just waiting for the latest self-humiliation from Mitt. We know he'll say something stupid because his mouth is moving.

Consider last night and today. On The Tonight Show with Jay Leno Romney gave his idea of a health care plan, that excludes anyone who has an illness and has not been on a health plan before that illness. He said, if a 45-year old man who has not had health coverage tries to get coverage because he's developed a heart condition well, then, tough. "We don't play those games," is how Romney put it.

Didn't the right-wingers go on and on about Obama's "death panels" in his Affordable Health Care Act (so-called "Obamacare")? In that plan patients would be able to sit down with a physician and realistically discuss end of life matters, which the pea-brains immediately took to mean that someone would be deciding whether your granny would live or die. (Typical obfuscation of facts, as has been typical of all Republican discussion on Obamacare, until no one, especially their base, knows what the hell the act is even about.) Now Romney is saying in effect, yes, his plan for health care will include death panels because no insurance company would have to cover a client with a pre-existing condition, if he hadn't already been covered. You know that a person in that situation will become a ward of the state; as his ability to pay decreases with sky high medical bills, he will go on state assistance, and we will pay for it. At least if he wants to get coverage he'd have to pay for it, wouldn't he?

But then, that's how ignorant Romney is. Smart in business--his own business, if not the healthcare business--an ignoramus in just about everything else. Especially when he opens his mouth and out come the words that hoist him on his own petard.

Today on a radio show Romney shared a "humorous incident" as he called it. When his dad, George, ran for the Republican nomination in '68, he had a problem. He had been head of American Motors (no longer in business). He had closed a plant in Michigan and moved it to Wisconsin, putting folks in Michigan out of work. So when they had a parade for George in Michigan, a band that was playing in the parade couldn't play the Michigan fight song, because they only knew "On Wisconsin," the Wisconsin fight song. Romney was really getting revved as he was telling this story. George Romney's handlers were trying to get the band to quit playing because--ha-ha!--they didn't want to remind Michigan voters--guffaw!--that he had closed a plant in their state! Wow! That's the kind of story that should have 'em rolling in the aisles.

When George Dubya Bush was President his staff had "cringe-worthy" moments, when their boss made some public gaffe. ROMNEY DOES THIS ALMOST EVERY DAY! His staff must be crippled by now from apoplexy. Story after story, statement after statement from Romney's own mouth lets us all know he's not one of us, will never be one of us, does not know how to talk to us, and is a flaming idiot. You really want a guy like Mitt Romney with the heads of state of the world, telling them his funny stories?

Romney is developing quite a list of dumb things he's said. His wife's two Cadillacs, "I'll bet you $10,000," "We should let the auto companies declare bankruptcy," saying he knows the owners of sports teams. Those are the ones I can think of offhand. He says so many stupid things I can't keep up with them.

My old first sergeant, who minced no words, called these personal mistakes "stepping on your dick." It seems that Romney can't go too many steps before tripping over that member.


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