Saturday, March 03, 2012

"Nice day for a white wedding..."

I found this wedding picture a week ago. For $2.00 I bought someone else's memory.

It appears to be World War II vintage; a church wedding. A sailor and his best man, the bride and her bridesmaid, and the clergyman to marry them. The lighting on the photo is such that it doesn't show much detail, so I can't see rank on the men's uniforms. What I am able to tell at a glance is just the obvious: the handsome blond groom is very tall, his pretty dark-tressed bride is very short.

How did this picture, recording such a happy event, find its way in 2012 into a bowl in an antique shop, mixed in with various other snapshots from different eras? My guess is that it was bought from an estate sale. It's likely that all the people at this wedding are now deceased; perhaps if there are heirs the picture got away from them without their knowledge. Maybe it was tucked into a book or a scrapbook they didn't check before selling.

I can speculate until doomsday and never know anything about the people in this picture. A picture like this tells a story. But it's one we have to make up ourselves.


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