Friday, March 16, 2012

More muggings

I spend way too much time looking at booking photos from the local jail. I can't help it. It's so entertaining.

The day a person goes to jail and gets his picture taken is usually not a good day, and the pictures reflect that. They show that all kinds of folks end up in jail.

Even people with silly haircuts.

Speaking of hair, is this side hair thing a style?

This one has the unicorn look.

I like that this guy looks much the same upside down as he does right side up.

Have you ever watched guys with these really big mustaches eat? They usually have to dedicate at least one hand to parting their whiskers so they can shove the food in. I'm sure they'll be entertaining the other inmates in the mess hall.

This schmuck is telling us he's fit to live only behind bars. His racist, skinhead tattoos are a billboard of his hatred for society. He's going to make sure by marking his beliefs all over his head of his ultimate failure to live in a world beyond that of incarceration.

This Einstein, from the national website, shows how social networking makes stupid people even more stupid. He stole a judge's nameplate, then posted his picture on Facebook.

These people are all showing their displeasure at being arrested.

The frown:

The glare:

The baring of teeth:

On the other hand, these people all seem really, really happy to be going to jail. I'm not sure why they're all smiles for their booking photos. Maybe they think they're getting a driver's license.

More mug shots here and here.


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